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A word having the same or almost the same meaning as another is called synonyms. Synonyms are similar words that have a connected meaning to another word. Synonyms can be rescuers, specifically when a student wants to avoid using repetitive words frequently. Most times the appropriate word is hard to find in that case synonyms come in handy. Using the same word to voice a moment or thought or while reading, writing, and speaking using the same word would become awfully dull and tedious. All words consist of synonyms to relish our communication.
Words that are synonyms are agreed to be synonymous and the state of being a synonym is called synonymy.
A synonym might share a same meaning with an additional word, but the two words are not inevitably similar. Adverbs, adjectives, nouns, prepositions and verbs can have a synonym provided both words are of the same part of speech.
  1. Adverbs - kindly, quickly, instantly, rapidly, promptly, swiftly
  2. Adjectives - beautiful, elegant, graceful, charming, exquisite, cute
  3. Nouns - house, home, apartment, mansion, residence, shack 
  4. Preposition - before, earlier, ahead, since, previously, sooner
  5. Verbs - collect, assemble, gather, compile, array, save


Examples of Synonyms

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  • Fair: Just, Objective, Impartial, Unbiased
  • Beautiful: Attractive, Pretty, Lovely, Stunning
  • Mean: Unfriendly, Unpleasant, Bad-tempered, Difficult
  • Happy: Content, Joyful, Mirthful, Upbeat
  • Strong: Stable, Secure, Solid, Tough
  • Honest: Honorable, Fair, Sincere, Trustworthy
  • Intelligent: Smart, Bright, Brilliant, Sharp
  • Unhappy: Sad, Depressed, Melancholy, Miserable
  • Funny: Humorous, Comical, Hilarious, Hysterical
  • Weak: frail, anemic, feeble, infirm, languid, sluggish, puny, fragile
  • Old: antiquated, ancient, obsolete, extinct, past, prehistoric, venerable, aged
  • Important: required, substantial, vital, essential, primary, significant, requisite
  • Soft: Downy, silky, dull, low, weak, spongy, limp, malleable
  • Hold: Cling, Clench, Wait, Grip, grasp, clasp 
  • Long: Elongated, lengthy, outstretched, extended


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Choose the best Synonyms for each word:
  • Kind : nice, funny, best, wild
  • Simple: easy, difficult, short, hard
  • Fast: quick, kind, heavy, small
  • Tiny: very soft, very happy, very small, very thick
  • Glad: happy, angry, thin, safe
  • Tired: worn out, ready, angry, kind
  • Weird: great, strange, calm, typical
  • Smart: dumb, wide, intelligent, old
  • Angry: tired, happy, mad, sad
  • Cheap: poor, costly, pricey, inexpensive

Replace the underlined word with the correct Synonyms and fill in the blank:

  • He is a fast runner.
  • I am terrible at Mathematics.
  • Do you think I am stupid?
  • The music is loud.
  • My girlfriend is very pretty.
  • Janet has a big house.
  • The stars were shiny and the planets were bright.
  • It was a momentous moment in the history of the nation.
  • A fun house mirror can really distort your image!
  • The iPod is an innovation in the recording of music.

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