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A homophone is a word that differs in the meaning but is pronounced the same as another word. In a homophone usually the words sound alike, they have exactly the same sound but different meaning and spelling. Homophones usually occur in groups of two but sometimes they can be three or four in a group. Its important to identify and use the right word in a sentence because the spelling can change the entire meaning of a sentence.
Example: carat, caret, carrot, and karat.


Examples of Homophones

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Words with different spelling but pronounced alike are called Homophones. Mentioned below are few homophones with similar pronunciation and different meanings.

 Variance Variants
 Dear  Deer
 Complement    Compliment  
 Flour  Flower  Draft  Draught  Idol  Idle
 Knight  Night     Knot   Not  Made  Maid
 Morning   Mourning
 Mail  Male  Meet  Meat
 Carrot Karat  Peace   Piece      Profit       Prophet
    Right        Write  Principal   Principle 
 Route   Root
 Chaste  Chased  Stationary    Stationery    Suite  Sweet
 Waste      Waist       Weak     Week  Wear  Where
 Holy  Wholly  Receipt  Reseat  Martial  Marshal

Sometimes there can be more than one two words which sounds alike however can mean entirely different.


awe, oar, or, ore 
palate, palette, pallet
 aisle, I'll, isle  pair, pare, pear
 bight, bite, byte  peak, peek, peke, pique
 bel, bell, belle  pause, paws, pores, pours
 buy, by, bye  right, rite, wright, write
braise, brays, braze  saw, soar, sore
 censer, censor, sensor     seas, sees, seize
 cue, kyu, queue there, their, they're
 cite, sight, site  taught, taut, tort
doe, doh, dough  vain, vane, vein
 flew, flu, flue  wail, wale, whale
 for, fore, four  ware, wear, where
 heal, heel, he'll  weal, we'll, wheel
 meat, meet, mete  way, weigh, whey
 praise, prays, preys   yaw, yore, your, you're

Examples of Homophones


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Choose the words that are homophones in the below mentioned sentences:
  1. Place an ad in the newspapers to add to your chances of reaching the right market.
  2. Oh! To be able to fly from flower to flower like a bee that gathers honey.
  3. "Aye", said the sailor, "I saw the pirate with a black patch over one eye."
  4. Her loving beau brought a bow for her hair.
  5. The robbers had a hidden cache of diamonds, jewelry and cash.
  6. The doorbell rang and the butler let her in. She was the belle of the ball
  7. The ant crawled upon the shoe of our Aunt Jean.
  8. Have you read the story about the tortoise and the hare?
  9. Aid and comfort is accorded to every patient by the nurses aide.
  10. I was so hungry while stranded on the isle that I ate as many as eight raw fish everyday.

Fill in the blanks with the right Homophones:

  1. I didn't ____ what he said. (here, hear)
  2. The castle is by the ____. (sea, see)
  3. John tried to ____ the painting. (steal, steel)
  4. She's as mad as a March ____. (hair, hare)
  5. It's made from wheat ____. (flower, flour)
  6. On the ____, I enjoyed it. (hole, whole)
  7. The book is ____ back at the library in two weeks. (dew, due)
  8. Don't tell them anything- they're not very ____. (discrete, discreet)
  9. A person who produces chicken is a ____ farmer. (paltry, poultry)
  10. James gave her a ____ of his mind. (piece, peace)

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