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Assonance has an important role to play in both poetry and prose. Reading a prose must always give a reader a thrilling experience. Assonance is one such literary tool that creates a rhyming within sentences or phrases. Many collective phrases, such as “free as a breeze,” “mad as a hatter,” or “high as a kite,” oblige their request to assonance. Assonance is popularly known as building blocks of verse to add flare. Assonance appear in poems in a profound manner, not being too evident to the reader.


What is Assonance?

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Assonance happens when two or more words close to one another repeat the same stressed vowel sound but start or end with dissimilar consonant sounds.It is mainly used in poems and lyrics in order to add melody and rhythm, by adding an in-house rhyme to a poem. Assonance is also called “vowel rhyme” which repeats a pattern of similar vowel sounds within neighboring words or sentence. Assonance creates a rhyme throughout the entire sentence not just within the sonnet or verse. 

For instance, If I bleat when I speak it’s because I just got . . . fleeced.

The same vowel sound of “-ea-” repeats itself in approximately all the words excluding the definite article.

What is a vowel?  A, E , I , O or U The way a person uses assonance can change the mood of the entire poem:
  • Higher vowel sounds will raise the intensity and lighten the mood.
  • Long vowel sounds will lessen the energy at that point in the poem and make the mood more serious.

What is Assonance

Examples of Assonance

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Let us look at some examples of assonance from literature.
  • Fleet fleet sweep by sleeping streets
  • I feel depressed and restless.
  • I saw old Autumn in the misty morn
  • Men sell the wedding bells.
  • Do you like blue? - (Using ‘o’, ‘ou’, ‘ue’).
  • He received three emails today.- (Using ‘e’, ‘ei’ ‘ee’ and ‘e’)
  • The sailor said ‘hey’ to Mae in passing – (Using ‘ai’, ‘ey’ and ‘ae’)
  • Go and mow the lawn.
  • What a world of happiness their harmony foretells!
  • In the silence of the night,for every sound that floats
  • Take the gun and have fun.
  • The camp is foiled as the soil is damp.
  • The crumbling thunder of seas.


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Assonance doesn't have to be serious always, consider the sentences below and highlight the vowels in the words that are Assonance.
  • Upon the west beach sits the West Beast.
  • On a proud round cloud in white high night
  • And I liked the beast on the east beach least.
  • The early bird catches the worm.
  • My puppy punched me in the eye.
  • As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives.
  • The soft breeze gently whistles through my hair
  • The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plains.
  • The silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
  • How now brown cow.
  • Saving the whales is a crucial detail.
  • The man with the tan was the meanest in the land.
  • The man with the tan was the meanest in the land.
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