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Positive Adjectives

Adjectives that are used to describe positive personality, attitude, good feelings and emotions of someone are called as Positive Adjectives.

Along with other features like time, color, size, sound, shape and quality, Positive adjectives are classified under descriptive adjectives because it mainly describes the positive attributes of someone or something.

It is true that choice of words plays a vital role in determining the person's real character. As attitudes can be detected from the words we use, usage of positive words are more preferred than negative words. These positive adjectives when used regularly show the constructive thinking of the person, his/her optimistic view and also display the character of confidence and self esteem.

Look at the difference in these sentences: 
  • I had a trip to London last week. 
  • I had an unforgettable and excellent trip to London last week.

Positive Adjectives

(The first sentence just tells us the incident. It doesn't give the attitude of the subject. But in the second sentence the positive adjectives 'unforgettable' and 'excellent' add flair to the sentence and it reflects the optimistic mood of the subject).

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List of Positive Adjectives

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Given below is a list of positive adjectives that are often used:

 A                            Chivalrous                Energetic                High valued              O                                 S                             
 Able   Classy  Enthralling   Honorable  Obedient   Scholarly 
 Admirable   Clear-sighted   Enriching  Hopeful  Omniscient   Selfless
 Adaptable  Clearheaded  Enthusiastic   Hospitable  Optimistic  Sentimental 
 Adept  Comforting  Erudite  Humanistic  Outstanding   Sensational
 Adorable  Compassionate   Esteemed  Humorous  Overwhelming   Shrewd
 Adventurous   Competent  Exalted  I  P  Sharp
 Aesthetic  Composed  Exceeding  Idealistic  Passionate  Simple
 Affable  Confident  Excellent  Imaginative  Perceptive  Sincere
 Affectionate  Consistent  Exceptional  Impartial  Philanthropic  Sociable
 Affluent  Cool  Exciting  Individualistic   Placid  Spectacular 
 Affirming  Cooperative  Exclusive  Industrious  Playful  Spirited
 Affluent  Cordial  Extraordinary   Inquisitive  Pleasant  Splendid
 Affectionate  Courageous  Exuberant  Influential  Plentiful  Startling
 Alert  Courteous  Eye-catching  Insightful  Polite  Submissive
 Alluring  Creative  F  Interesting  Powerful  Stylish
 Amusing  Cute  Fabulous  Inventive  Popular  Successful
 Amiable  D  Famous  Intelligent  Potential  Subtle
 Amazing  Daring  Fantastic  Intellectual  Practical  Supporting
 Attractive  Dashing  Favorite  J  Precious  Surprising
 Amazing  Dazzling  Fascinating  Jolly  Predictive  Sweet
 Amicable  Decent  Finest  Joyful  Predominant  T
 Appealing  Dedicated  First class  Jubilant  Priceless  Tactful
 Appreciated  Delightful  Flexible  Judicious  Pretty  Talented
 Astonishing  Determinant  Fluent  K  Productive  Tenacious
 Astounding  Deserving  Focused  Kind  Profane  Thankful
 Agile  Devoted  Foresighted  Knowledgeable   Proficient  Thoughtful
 Applauded  Different  Fortunate  L  Profound  Tidy
 Ardent  Dignified  Frank  Learned  Professional  Timeless
 Aspiring  Diligent  Friendly  Logical  Prolific  Tolerant
 Attentive  Disciplined  Fruitful  Lovable  Promising  Traditional
 Awesome  Distinct  Funny  Luckier  Prominent  Triumphant
 B  Distinguished  G  M  Prospective  Trustworthy
 Beautiful  Dutiful  Generous  Magnificent  Prudent  True
 Beloved  Dynamic  Gentle  Magical  Pure  U
 Beneficent  E  Genuine  Majestic  Purposeful  Ultimate
 Bighearted  Eager  Gifted  Mannered  Q  Unique
 Blessed  Earnest  Glad  Marked  Qualified  Useful
 Blissful  Easygoing  Gleeful  Marvelous  Quiet  V
 Blazing  Ebullient  Glorious  Masterful  Quick  Valiant
 Brainy  Educated  Godlike  Matchless  R  Valuable
 Brave  Effective  Good hearted   Mature  Rational  Vibrant
 Brisk  Efficient  Graceful  Miraculous  Realistic  Vigilant
 Broadminded   Elated  Guiding  Motivating  Reasonable  W
 C  Elegant  H  N  Remarkable  Warmhearted 
 Calm  Eligible  Handsome  Natural  Resourceful  Wealthy
 Captivating  Eloquent  Hardworking  Neat  Respectable  Well known
 Caring  Eminent  Happy  New  Responsible  Worthy
 Casual  Empathetic  Harmonious  Nice  Rewarding  Y
 Celebrated  Enjoyable  Healthy  Noble  Rich  Youthful
 Celestial  Enlightened  Heavenly  Nonchalant  Righteous  Z
 Champion  Encouraging  Heroic  Noticeable  Romantic  Zealous
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