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Interrogative Adverbs

What are Interrogative Adverbs?

Adverbs which are used to ask questions are called interrogative adverbs. These adverbs are placed at the beginning of a sentence. The interrogative adverbs are “why, where, how and when.” While framing questions using these adverbs, the subject and the verb should be placed in inverted positions such that verb comes before the subject. 


  • Why are you working so late?
  • Where is she going now?
  • How are you?
  • When are your exams starting?


Uses of Interrogative Adverbs

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Interrogative adverbs are used to ask different types of questions. Based on its usage, the interrogative adverbs are classified into the following types. 

1. Interrogative Adverbs of Time: In this case, the interrogative adverb “when” is used to ask questions related to time. However, the interrogative adverb “how” is also used to ask time-related questions.

  • When is your last exam scheduled? 
  • When does Martin wake up in the morning?
  • How long will you take to complete that project? 

2. Interrogative Adverb of Place: In this case, the interrogative adverb “where” is used to ask details about place. 

  • Where is your house located in Chicago?  
  • Where is Mitchell going now?
  • Where can I find her?

3. Interrogative Adverb of Reason: Usually, the interrogative adverb “why” is used to find the reason for something. 

  • Why are you laughing so loudly? 
  • Why do you want to leave the job?
  • Why are you watching that episode again?

4. Interrogative Adverb of Manner: The interrogative adverb “how” is also used to ask about manner in which something is done or an action occurs. 

  • How did you complete the assignment in one day?
  • How was your experience of meeting a celebrity?  
  • How quickly can you reach the party?

5. Interrogative Adverb of Number: Here also, the interrogative adverb “how” is used to find the number.

  • How many chocolates are there in the box?
  • How often does the manager meet his clients in a month?
  • How many children do you have?  

6. Interrogative Adverb of Degree or Quantity: In this case too, the interrogative adverb “how” is used to find details about degree, quantity and amount. 

  • How many ice creams have you eaten?  
  • How much do you have to bend this rod?
  • How far can you travel in a bullock cart?  

Some More Examples: 

1. Why are there empty cans all over the roof?
2. When will you join the painting classes?
3. How can you eat the whole burger at one time?
4. Where is your brother?
5. How much do you need to pay in the cafeteria?
6. Why is everyone wearing the same colour dress to school today?
7. When is your uncle going to return my iPod?
8. How many times will you brush your teeth in a day?
9. Where is the old decrepit building in your city?
10. Why can’t you work along with me?
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