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Demonstrative Pronouns

What are Demonstrative Pronouns?
Demonstrative Pronouns are pointing pronouns that identify a thing/s or persons, because they point at the nouns that they are replacing. They can be both Singular and Plural. The nouns they replace can be either nearby or farther in space or time. 

A quick example to show how it works-
This is my house. The noun in this sentence is house, which is pointed out by using the word this to replace it. The word this is therefore used as a demonstrative pronoun here.


Kinds of Demonstrative Pronouns

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How many Kinds of Demonstrative Pronouns are Present?
There are just four Demonstrative Pronouns. Two are singular and two are plural. The two singular demonstrative pronouns are this and that. The two plural demonstrative pronouns are these (plural form of this) and those (plural form of that). They are listed below with examples- 

Singular Demonstrative Pronouns:

  • This (points to a singular noun that’s close to the speaker)
  • This is ridiculous. 
  • This tastes excellent.
  • That (points to a singular noun that is farther away in space or time)
  • That was one crazy holiday last year.
  • That is John’s house.

Plural Demonstrative Pronouns:

  • These (points to a plural noun that is nearby in space or time)
  • These are the only good crayons that I have.
  • These smell rotten.
  • Those (points to a plural noun that is farther away in space or time)
  • Those were the golden years of my life.
  • Those belong over there.

Examples of Demonstrative Pronouns 

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More Examples to clarify the uses of Demonstrative Pronouns

We use this and these (the plural form of this) to refer to nouns that are nearby in space or time.
I really like this.
This is my car.
These are my books on my desk.
These are my shoes.

We use that and those (the plural form of that) to refer to nouns that are farther away in space or time.
That is my bat across the room.
That is our house.
Those are my books on the other desk.
Those dogs bark all day.

Exercise 1

Underline the demonstrative pronouns in each of the following sentences-
  1. This is going to be a great year.
  2. That was one big box of crayons in the shop.
  3. These are the only beautiful dresses that I own.
  4. Those are the largest mangoes I have ever seen.

Exercise 2

Fill in the blanks with the correct demonstrative pronoun-
  1. ______________ (these/ this) are the movies I like watching.
  2. ______________ (these/this) is a better house than the one I owned before.
  3. I seriously want to buy one of ____________ (that/those) toys in the shop near your house.
  4. We will certainly win the match_________ (this/that) year.

Exercise 3

In the following sentences, underline the nouns which the demonstrative pronouns point or refer to-
  1. She is a good example of how well one can sing a song like this.
  2. Have you read that book which you bought last month?
  3. We must thank God for these gifts he has bestowed on us.
  4. This is the most precious gift I have ever received.
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