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Adverbs of Certainty

Adverbs of certainty show or express how certain or sure an individual feels about an action or event. They usually help in expressing the extent of certainty that one feels regarding an action or situation.


Some of the Adverbs of Certainty

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             Adverbs of Certainty                     Definitions 
 Probably  to be most certain; most likely to happen 
 Definitely  in a definite manner; surely
 Clearly  to be clearly about something; without my doubt  
 Certainly  to be sure of something ; absolutely
 Surely  to say with confidence
 Undoubtedly  without doubt

Uses of Adverbs of Certainty

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1. With regular verbs:  Usually, adverbs of certainty appear before the main verb in a sentence. 

  • Roger definitely attends the class every day.
  • Justin probably likes to sleep during his leisure time. 

2. With “Be” form verbs:  If there is a “be” form verb, then the adverbs of certainty appear after the “be” form verb. 

  • She is certainly happy about the news.
  • Jacob is undoubtedly the best cricketer in our team. 

3. With auxiliary verbs: When there is an auxiliary or helping verb in a sentence, the adverb of certainty is placed between the auxiliary verb and the main verb. 

  • Leonard is surely going to purchase that huge bungalow by next month.  
  • I am probably visiting my aunt this weekend. 

4. At the beginning of the sentence: Adverbs of certainty can also be placed at the beginning of the sentence sometimes. 

  • Surely, you know what is going on in that company. 
  • Certainly, there is always room for improvement. 

Some more examples: 

1. John will probably leave India by tonight. 
2. She is definitely the brightest child in her class.
3. Undoubtedly, Shane Watson is one of the greatest cricket players in Australia. 
4. Emma is certainly going to visit her friend in Alaska next year. 
5. He surely knows how to attract the attention of the customer. 
6. David will mostly drink juice during exercise. 
7. Glen is probably taking part in the dance competition this month. 
8. Eva certainly loves to eat ice cream than fast foods. 
9. Clearly, this is an open and shut case of crime with the criminal leaving so many clues behind. 
10. Annette has certainly spent much of her time in decorating the room for the party. 
11. Probably, we will have lunch at a hotel. 
12. Paul is undoubtedly the best singer in his troupe. 
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