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Adjective of Quality

Adjectives are the words used to describe a subject in a sentence. Adjectives are what define nouns and give them characteristics to differentiate them from other nouns. The description can be qualitative, quantitative, or simple description as what kind of subject is.

What is an Adjective of Quality?
The adjectives that are used to describe the nature of a subject or a noun or showing the kind or quality of nouns or pronouns are called Adjective of Quality. They basically answer the question of “what kind of?” in specifying the description of the subject or noun.
For Example: Kind, Bulky, Weak etc.

As the name says such adjectives are simply expressing the qualities or characteristics of nouns such as person, animal, place or thing. These adjectives also specify the state or action of a noun. Adjectives of quality are also termed as descriptive adjectives as they describe the kind of noun. There are different forms of adjectives of quality.

They are adjectives specifying:
  • Colors: red, green, tallow etc.
  • Feelings: upset, angry, glad etc.
  • Shapes: spherical, round, rectangular etc.
  • Sizes: thin, small, large etc.
  • Touch: sticky, tasty etc.
  • Tone: sarcastic, loving, clever etc.
  • Origin: Latin, French, Mongolian etc.
  • Age: new, old, medieval, ancient etc.
  • Qualities: good, nice, beautiful etc.
  • Time: monthly, daily, weekly etc.
  • Opinions: hot, pretty, handsome etc.
  • Material: cotton, silver, aluminum, synthetic etc.

In the types mentioned there are some adjectives that might fall in more than one category. The difference lies in the context they have used in.

The following points can be identified while using Adjectives of Quality:
1. They can be used before noun.
                   Example: Baby has soft skin.
2. They can be used with noun and verbs like seem, sound, to be, feel appear, taste, smell.
                   Example: This food tastes sour, it seems quiet here.
3. They can be used after words like nothing, anything, something, everything, everybody, somebody and similar kind of words.
                   Example: Let us plan something exciting for his birthday.


List of Adjectives of Quality

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Adjectives of quality simply describe the quality, state or the kind of noun it is. All types of adjectives of quality have both negative and positive type of words which are being used depending on the context. Since there are so many words we cannot list all few common examples of adjectives of quality specified in categories.
  • Touch as adjectives
         Greasy, soft, hard, crisp, loose, boiling, solid, chilling, moist, tender, sticky, tacky, dry, oily, dusty, prickly, sandy, frosty, wet, sensitive, uneven, stiff, thin, silky, sharp, slippery, hairy, slimy, velvety, uneven, wooly, waxy
  • Feelings as adjectives
         Handsome, attracted, happy, lovely, eager, delighted, sweet, joy, proud, open, optimist, free, dumb, foolish, weak, tired, embarrassed, nervous, evil, taken aback, bashful, dirty, ugly, playful, festive, understanding, great, animated, moody, involved
  • Emotions as adjectives
         Depressed, sour, anxiety, pity, jealousy, shame, hurt, frustration, envy, pride, appreciative, overcome, supportive, liking, loving, joyful, lusting, loving, hope, thrilled, mad, annoyed, fear, sick
  • Tone as adjectives
        Social, secular, heavy, light, dull, remorseful, liberal, political, annoyed, cautious, secretive, startled, bitter, foolish, bold, happy, clever, devoted, convincing, believing, intent, sympathetic
  • Shapes as adjectives
        Asymmetrical, spherical, concave, concentric, congruent, curved, deformed, convex, flat, round, rectangular, triangular, pointed, oval, straight, vertical, horizontal, two dimensional, three dimensional
  • Colors as adjectives
           Dark, light, ablaze, shiny, cool, delicate, colorful, red, brown, green, deep, fast, fresh, colorless, fluorescent, loud, neutral, matching, multicolored, violent, vibrant, warm, faded grey, black, white, yellow, violet etc.
There are cases when we describe colors more specifically. Example: deep blue sea, light pink dress, fluorescent green lights etc. In such cases the color themselves act as noun or subject.
  • Sizes as adjectives 
         Large, small, thick, thin, huge, big, great, medium, shrunken, atomic, molecular, giant, massive, vast, enormous, teeny, wee, bite sized, fat, puny, tall, short, mammoth, little, immense, narrow etc.
  • Materials as adjectives
           Woody, metallic, synthetic, cotton, woolen, polyester, ceramic, plastic, silicon, fibrous etc.
  • Time as adjectives
            Weekly, yearly, monthly, timely, daily, hourly, half yearly, quarterly etc.
  • Opinions as adjectives
         Attentive, awful, irritating, interesting, brave, dutiful, patient, serious, unstable, unwilling, inactive, active, brilliant, honest, judgmental, careless, logical, punctual, childish, experienced, efficient, egoistic, excited, haughty, proud, coward, gentle, helpful, modest, sweet, volcanic, aggressive, arrogant, beautiful, wonderful, smart, talented, versatile, sophisticated, sensitive, polite, kind, dramatic, nosy, quiet, tactful, tired, immature, diligent, blunt etc.
  • Religion as adjectives
           Buddhist, Christian, atheist, Taoist, Hindu, Muslim, pagan etc.
  • Age as adjectives
           New, old, young, three year old, ancient, medieval, historic, pre historic etc.
  • Origin as adjectives
           Indian, Anglo-Indian, American, Persian, African, Greek, Latin, Spanish, French etc.

Often we use a small number of adjectives together in a sentence. Like really big old red antique phone etc. In such kind of sentences we follow an order of adjectives of quality for making sense in the sentence. 

The Order Says:
First the opinion or quality of noun, followed by the size of the noun next comes the age of the noun, then the shape of the noun, next the color of the noun, and then a proper adjective may be origin or material and finally a qualifier. But before stating adjectives of quality the adjectives of quantity or numeral adjectives must be there. All these are used as per the availability and need of the description of a noun in a sentence.
  • When we have two or more adjectives from the same kind of group we can make use of word ‘and’ between the two.
  • When we have three or more adjectives from the same kind of group we can make use of comma in between each of the coordinate adjectives and the use of ‘and’ between the last two.
  • We never place a comma in between a noun and an adjective.

Examples of Adjectives of Quality

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  1. Do you have something chilling to drink?
  2. Let us have a rocking weekend.
  3. These flowers smell lovely.
  4. It’s a beautiful day.
  5. Her dog appears ill.
  6. Honesty is the best policy.
  7. The fruit of patience is always sweet.
  8. She has bought a new house.
  9. Catherine has a wonderful blue color dress.
  10. I love French fries.
  11. Jean has a big rectangular swimming pool.
  12. The oval pendant that she is wearing is very expensive.
  13. The singers performed really well tonight.
  14. I want my room to be painted in a soothing color.
Choose the correct Adjective of Quality from the below sentences:
  1. They bagged the first prize with their excellent performance.
  2. Victor has a white rabbit.
  3. Noel is gifted with a good sense of humor.
  4. This seems an ancient building.
  5. My friend is very understanding.
  6. He lives in a big white, red and yellow building at the corner of the street.
  7. My brother recently bought a big black colored trained dog.
  8. It is a beautiful old painting hanging on the wall.
  9. I bought a pair of slim new French trousers.
  10. The policeman seemed annoyed chasing the thief.
  11. My uncle was very happy after he got the news.
  12. This party is happening at the countryside.
  13. The chemicals that are thrown by the factory in the river are very dangerous.
  14. The library has all types of old and new, boring and interesting thin and thick books.
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