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Research Paper

While studying at various grades of school and during the course of college, a student most likely is examined to prepare research papers. A research paper is used to discover and identify scientific, social science and technical concerns. The most important aim of research paper is the progress of effective practical writing skills. If it's a student’s first time writing a research paper, it may seem intimidating. However, with good clarity of focus, one can make the practice easier. 

To help a student become a proficient writer, it’s good to prepare numerous research papers based upon the studies accomplished in lab. Written communications skills and oral communications skills are undoubtedly the most worldwide qualities pursued by graduate schools. A student alone is responsible for developing such skills to a high level. It won't inscribe itself, but a student is required to plan and prepare well so that the writing falls into place. Research papers are not typical "lab reports" where lab reports might be nothing more than answers to a set of questions. Such a project hardly signifies the kind of writing a person might be doing in the eventual career.


What is a Research Paper? 

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Research papers are written work which involves the steps for writing an essay along with   additional work. In order to write a research paper one must first do various researches, that is, explore and investigate about the topic by analyzing and reading  about it in many sources, such as magazines,  books, journals, newspapers, periodicals and Internet. The information gathered from all the sources is then used to support the points made in the paper.Research Paper may refer to thesis, scholarly paper  and team paper.
Thesis - Also called as dissertation, is a document or script submitted in sustenance of a contention for a degree or a qualification, with the findings and research by the author.
Scholarly Paper - Also called as Academic paper, is published in academic journals, newsletters, periodicals etc. containing the original research outcomes or reviews, such as existing effects or a totally innovative discovery.

Team Paper - are research papers written by school or college students.

How to Write a Research Topic

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Choosing a Topicchoosing a research topic is the most important step in a research paper. A student must always ask oneself if there is enough research available on the chosen topic and if the topic is new as well as fresh enough to suggest opinions. Writing about something you enjoy will always shows in the final thesis, making it more imaginable and successful. It’s always good to select subjects that can be managed well that are not too technical or specific. Information should be gathered from reliable domains e.g. .gov, .edu, .org etc. 

State the Thesis It’s important to think critically and write your thesis statement like a declaration of certainty. The main part of the essay must consist of opinions and arguments to back up and support the belief. A thesis statement is a declaration, not a fact or opinion. Facts are used within the paper to support the thesis. A thesis explains how an argument is supported and answers a specific question. A thesis statement is debatable and one must be able to argue an alternate claim. 

Make a Tentative Outline Making a tentative outline of the thesis where all the points must share to the similar main topic, the outline must relate to the points mentioned or topic chosen. Students must use various techniques to inspire their intellectual and help clarify connections or understand the wider implication of a topic and decide on a thesis statement.The main purpose of an outline is to help you think through your topic sensibly and organize it reasonably before writing. Include in the outline an Introduction, a Body, and a Conclusion.

Organize your notes and write the first draft Critically evaluate and scrutinize the research data and organize all the evidence collected according to your rough idea. Critically evaluate and scrutinize the research data and organize all the evidence collected according to your rough idea. Check for certainty and validate the information if it is factual, latest, and right. At this step a student must effectively communicate his insights, thoughts, ideas and findings as a report, essay or paper as it is the most important stage in writing a research paper. Write summaries, paraphrases, references or quotes on note cards or sheets of lined paper include documenting the information in footnotes or end-notes. This way the reader identifies where you got the info and can review and judge whether it is consistent.

Revise the Outline and DraftRead your research paper for grammatical errors, facts and figures. Use a dictionary or a thesaurus if needed. Do spell check and correct all errors that you can spot and improve the complete quality of the paper. Arrange and rearrange ideas to follow the outline and rearrange the outline if necessary. Always keep the purpose of your paper and your readers in mind. 

Checklist for revising the Draft or Outline:
  • Is the thesis statement clear?
  • Did I follow the outline or miss anything?
  • Are the arguments presented in a reasonable order?
  • Are the thesis proved with sturdy supporting arguments?
  • Are the intentions clear in the essay?
  • Has each paragraph initiate with proper topic sentence?
  • Are the arguments supported with documented proof or examples?
  • Does one paragraph or idea flow evenly into the next?
  • Is there any spelling or grammatical errors that needs correction?
  • Has contractions been avoided?
  • Are the points interesting but then remained objective?
  • Is there a sense of completion at the end of the paper?

Final Paper All essays should be written and printed, read the final paper wisely for spelling, punctuation, repeated words and ensure that the final paper is tidy and neat. Before giving your project for marking, see if that’s the best that you could do. Read the assignments to check if the research paper has met the specific requirements by the teacher.

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