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Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is a skill that is necessary to understand the right meaning of each sentence. First of all, students get acquainted with the letters, words and then they start forming the sentences. Once they understand the basic structure of a sentence, they want to know the meaning and at this stage, reading comprehension skill is required.

However, understanding the meaning of each text is essential to remember each concept or information for a long time and reading comprehension is an act and it allows students to make out each content precisely. In brief, it is an active process that includes both concentration and practice. Moreover, it is a learning process and it happens during the reading or after reading any written document.


What is Reading Comprehension?

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Reading comprehension is an act or it is referred as a skill, which allows students to understand the meaning of each text properly. It is essential as without the reading comprehension skill, reading something will be just an act of following words from the left to right. In brief, this skill makes students enable to understand the information as well as the messages of a writer. When a person reads something, he allows himself to get into the pattern of a cognitive method. However, it shows a connection between the letters, words and their sounds and finally, it gives a clear idea about the text. Reading comprehension has great significance in learning and hence, students are always suggested to improve this skill.

How to Improve Reading Comprehension

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There are several ways to accelerate the reading comprehension skill. While following each text, students must take notes, so that they can follow that notes once they finish the chapter. Additionally, they should learn the new words properly so that they can use those words in their writing. There are several steps that are involved in improving the reading comprehension. First of all, students should follow a pre-reading survey that allows them to get an overview of the text. Then they can find the objective of reading a particular book to make their reading session more constructive as well as cogent. However, highlighting the important points is essential to improve the reading comprehension. Finally, internalize what you have learned from the text and try to use the learned concepts for future reference. Moreover, online reading comprehension exercises are good resources in this respect.

Reading Comprehension Activities

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There are a good number of practice materials and worksheets that students can choose online and follow based on their academic grades. Thus, they can understand their proficiency level and also can take suitable measures to improve their skill. Some important activities related to the reading comprehension are mentioned here.
  • Take notes
  • Read the headings properly
  • Improve your concentration level
  • Ask questions and find the answers
  • Choose the text based on your reading level.
  • Improve your vocabulary

Reading Comprehension Strategies

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There are six main steps that allow students to comprehend any piece of writing.

  1. Make a connection- While reading some texts, students must find a connection between them and the topic.
  2. Visualize - Reading comprehension will be improved once the readers visualize the events or situations explained in the text. 
  3. Ask questions - Readers should ask questions to themselves to get more clarity about the texts.
  4. Determine the significance of the text- Readers should understand the main points of each text. Additionally, they must distinguish the facts and opinions and consequently, summarize the entire write up.
  5. Make out the theme of each text-Readers must find the main theme or the underlying idea of each text based on their prior knowledge.
  6. Synthesize-It is an important part to create a new idea based on the information accumulated from a text.

Reading Comprehension Skill

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Reading comprehension skill is the act that allows students to understand the meaning of any text appropriately. Through this skill, one can accelerate his knowledge and develop his mind. In addition to this, it encourages the readers to discover new things and improves the imagination skill. Most importantly, it widens one’s understanding level and conceptions. Hence, this skill is essential to get a better learning experience in all respects.
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